Block pages builder for October CMS

Among October CMS built-in content editing formwidgets there is a very useful tool: repeater in group mode. With this single but powerful tool we are able to create visual page builder. But not the way Tilda / Wix / Wordpress Page Builder work - our page building tool lets the editor choose content formats from a library of pre-made blocks.

October CMS developers didn’t have plans to make another “Web Constructor” where a user without programming skills would be able to create pages, they had no intention of competing with the Wordpress Page Builder functionality or website builders like Tilda and Wix. But at the same time, it is quite possible to give the user as much freedom as needed (but “just enough and not a bit more” - which is in the spirit of the October CMS philosophy): editors can assemble a page from blocks, depending on the type of content, its amount, but they simply cannot go beyond the UI Kit and fill the site with samples of sloppy and unprofessional design.

A common example: in the catalog there are quite different goods / services, their descriptions have different structure, for some of them you'll need a video, others have a gallery, reviews, product modifications, etc. Using the same template for these pages is problematic, but with the help of the block editor you can add to the page only those blocks that are relevant for a given catalog element.

Adding content blocks in October admin panel

Second example: a blog article. There could be insets, quotes, photos, videos, product links, promotional blocks from partners - many different content formats. Such pages can be built as easy as of Lego bricks, you only need to create a library of blocks, which can later be supplemented with new formats later.

It's very useful for:


In addition to this October CMS built-in feature (repeater, mode: group), we created our own typical library of widgets inside the block editor with the following content types: text block, columns with text, quote or frame, call-to-action button, photo gallery, video from Youtube, table, similar / recommended articles / products - a choice from the list, feedback form, and there can be any format, there are no restrictions except common sense. The backend widget list is “open” - adding new ones is quick and easy.

Projects to see more live examples: news blog